Welcome to Our Family

Owners Dan and Nathan Coombs grew up on their family farm in rural Northern Ontario on the banks of the St Mary's River, between Lake Huron and Superior.  Both Dan and Nathan began hunting, fishing and adventuring at an early age and both developed a deep passion for the outdoors and a profound respect for the wildlife they harvested.  Their love for cooking was sparked by the desire to utilize their harvest in every way possible and they began developing a series of recipes that were tried out on anyone that would take a bite, many of the recipes can be found on the Coombs & Co recipes blog. 

Dan Coombs with a Great Slave Northern Pike

When Dan relocated to western Canada, Nathan and their father Kevin would frequently visit keeping their family hunting traditions alive, but when Dan moved to Yellowknife NWT Coombs & Co. Specialty Fry Batters was born. Everyone in the Coombs & Co. family enjoys fresh fish, shore lunches and family fish frys, Dan and Nathan began developing their line of crispy and crunchy fry batters that everyone, fisherman or not would love.

Both Dan and Nathan are passionate about sharing their adventures, hunting, fishing, camping and cooking, both up north in the Northwest Territories as well as around the Great Lakes. Be sure to check out their adventure blogs for tips, tricks and inspiration for your next trip.

Nathan Coombs with a Lake Superior steelhead

We hope you enjoy sharing our adventures, recipes and our crispy delicious fry batters.


The Coombs & Co. Family